SMITHE in NYC with All City Canvas

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All City Canvas Global Series in NYC it’s very close, so we’ll introduce you our featured artist so you prepare for what’s to come. Smithe is a mexican street artist and illustrator that has been working in his personal style and narrative for the last 10 years. Inspired by japanese anime, the 50′s graphic style, and sci-fi movies, Smithe started painting graffiti at the early age of 13, as a mere hobby.

Joint the Darkside

Migrain Alta

He is known for his street art, but he’s also a proficient illustrator, graphic designer, and musician: “I have been building my style as I grow and mature. Before, years ago, I used to do only graffiti. Little by little my work develops and gets richer, both in technique and concept” says the artist.

Orange Oil


Defragmentation -a recurrent symbol in his work- is used as a vehicle to show the inside power of his characters, represented as a surrealist machine.





Last April Smithe made an exclusive design in t-shits and prints for All City Canvas and the clothing brand Tony Delfino. All City Canvas And Tony Delfino joined in a unique project that connects the artistic creations of street artists, illustrators, designers, and fashion.

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